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Who am I?

Out of hours you can find me in a local forest located somewhere.

Hi there! So some how or some way (probably from me promoting my own website) you have ended up on my webpage and now reading this particular blog post. Isn’t it funny how the world works. So whilst you are here I will give you a (hopefully) short introduction to who am I.

My name is Amrita Bains and I am first-year PhD researcher at Royal Holloway University of London. My research interests relate to reading behaviour, learning languages and mostly why is it we want to do all of this? Why are you reading this blog post right now? What are you hoping to know? What is your favourite book? Why? Or why do you not like reading? I’m hoping I can start to answer some of these questions. I am planning to use a few cognitive based experiments as well as some neuroscientific techniques in the process of this.

I am quite lucky to be funded by the ESRC and to work with Dr Saloni Krishnan, Dr Jessie Ricketts at Royal Holloway as well as the Reading Agency Charity. My goal of this PhD is to understand our motivation for reading. What’s great about this is that I can do research from the science perspective with women who (in my opinion) are doing fabulous work in their field and be able to produce research which can inform policies and education by being able to work with the Reading Agency.

Welcome to Royal Holloway one the most picturesque universities I have ever seen.

Anyway, I said I will keep this short so I will leave my research interests at that. But here are some personal facts if you are interested. Favourite food: pizza (especially the rustic, not a perfect circle kind). Three words to describe myself: plant-obsessed researcher. Currently based: in London (any recommendations on anything when life reopens is whole-heartedly welcome).

Anyway that’s all from me at the moment. I plan to share more blogs about my experience about my PhD journey, my experience in academia and why I wanted to do a PhD (yes we all mention about WHY DID WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES but there’s always a reason how we ended up here) and any to impart any wisdom I feel is useful (included PhD-ing tips and tricks).

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